Cloudy Urine Test

Urine Urinalysis The evaluation of color and turbidity of the urine is an integral part of the so-called urinalysis. The urinalysis is the collection of a series of routine results of the urine. Today, a urinalysis usually consists of the following tests: Evaluation of appearance and possible smell; Test strips analysis; Examination of the urine […]

How to Give an Elegant Touch to any Party Appetizer

Providing an elegant touch to party appetizers provides an excellent way leave guests impressed. Enhancing any dish is simply a matter of creativity. Garnishes, sauces, plate ware, and decorations are successful ways to add some flair and show your creative side. Garnishes adorn dishes by adding a little extra pizazz. Most times there is no […]

A one Pot Meal to Comfort you on a Cold Winter Day

When Old Jack Frost comes blowing his chill wind down the street, and the winter blahs have got you feeling low, there’s nothing like sitting down to a delicious, hot, homemade meal to lift your spirits. Here is a recipe for a wonderfully filling one-pot meal which is easy to prepare, inexpensive, and most importantly, […]

Dress up your Appetizers

Elegance, when it comes to appetizers, it is all about great tasting appetizers, with  an appealing appearance. It is a visual effect. An ordinary appetizer becomes elegant by the way it is presented. It’s all about the bling. For example cherry tomatoes stuffed with a cheese filling is a fairly common appetizer. However, you can […]

The best Fruits Found at Farmers Markets in the Spring

Spring brings rebirth, rejuvenation, and refreshing fruits that are missed during winter.  As white and gray landscapes give way to green and blue ones, trees bloom with the vibrant colors of their fruit, vines hang heavy with juicy goodness, and plants thrust their berries up for picking.  This is the time of year fruit salads […]

Reasons to Eat Stew in the Winter

People tend to eat different types of food depending on the season. Salads and other cold meals are refreshing in summertime. In the winter months, people look forward to a hot meal in the evenings to warm up after a long day at work. For a number of reasons, stew is a great winter meal. […]

Foods that Relax the Body

Food is one of the best ways to remedy stress. Read through these simple, easy tips to help relax your body.  Soup is a great thing to eat when you are stressed. It’s warm and soothing and just makes you want to breathe deeply. Chicken soup is great thing to have, especially if you are […]